So the majority of my blog does consist of features because it is impossible for me to read and review books every week and I won’t always post a review on a book that I read. That being said, here is the list of features that I currently have going on my blog.

Tag Thursday is feature in which I post book tags and other posts that are not part of a series. I don’t post these every Thursday, but these types of post will typically me posted on this day.

Top five Wednesday is a feature that is posted every Wednesday. This is a group on goodreads and every Wed, there is a topic and you post your top five things of what the topic is. Here is the link if you’d like to check it out!

Top 10 Tuesday is a feature which is posted every Tuesday. Like top five Wed, there is a given topic every week and you post your top 10 things of what the topic is. This is hosted by brokeandbookish, and here is the link if you’d like to check it out!

These will generally be posted on Thursday’s if I don’t already have a book tag going up. I will choose a book I have read and find my favorite quote and post about it.

I love recommended books to people, so I’ve decided to include this feature on my blog. Twice a month I will recommend books from a chosen genre.