My reviews are completely honest and one hundred percent my own words and opinion. Some will be spoiler free, others will not, and most will be mixed and I will always put up spoiler warnings. Sometimes or well… most of the time I will have discussions. My reviews will always be respectful and I will offer constructive criticism where I see fit, no matter how I felt about the book.  All of my reviews will be published here as well as goodreads.

Now, for how I rate books, I rate them on a five to one scale. Five being brilliant and one being that I would never recommend.

★★★★★ – Oh my gosh, this was so good! Although there were a few issues but overall it was perfection, I would 1000000% recommend this, and most likely buy other editions of it

★★★★ – Almost perfect! A few things I wasn’t a fan of but overall it was great!

★★★ – It was alright. I most likely would not read this again but I would still recommend it to others who I feel it would fit.

★★ – meh. not good at all, debatable if I will continue if it is a series, but has potential to do better!

★ – It did not meet the potential at all and I would definitely not recommend this for people to read. Avoid at all costs.