PLEASE  NOTE: All my reviews are 100% honest and will convey how I felt about the book. While Majority of them will be spoiler free, I will post some that are not. But don’t worry! I’ll warn you in the title ^^ If I dislike a book  for whatever reason my thoughts will ALWAYS be respectful and if I have any feedback it will be constructive. Rude comments are never ever tolerated here!

Most of this blog will consist of reviews so therefore! Here is a little guide to show you how I rate books.

♚♚♚♚♚= This book was 100% Perfect and I would recommend it to everyone!

♚♚♚♚ = This book was almost perfect, just had a few things I didn’t like but I would still recommend!

♚♚♚ = It’s not bad or good, it’s just in the middle. Meh.

♚♚ = Wasn’t great. Would not read again.

♚ = Not a fan, I do not recommend. Most likely DNF’d this.